Pastry Tasting Box of 8


Limited sets daily. 

Where tradition meets modern innovation; and life breathed into classics.

Our pastries selection takes cues from our favourite pastries from around the world, be it the refined French pastries, decadent American pastries or the delicate Japanese wagashi. Each of them is artisanally hand crafted by our pastry chefs with the finest ingredients, combining traditional patisserie methods, modern techniques and innovation, to breathe life into these classics.

Each tasting box consist of at least one pastry from each core category as follows:-

Canelés – These small cylindrical shaped pastries originates from the southwestern Bordeaux region of France, and is flavoured with a soft and tender custardy centre and a dark thick caramelized crust. Apart from the crowd-pleasing original flavour, we also have them made with earl grey infused chocolate ganache and salted caramel topped with almond brittle!

Madeleines – These distinctive fan shaped small sponge cakes originate from the northwestern Lorraine region of France, and our chef recreated the classic with additional flavours such as Strawberry Black Tea, Maple Pecan and Dark Cacao.

Mini Pounds – We made these mini pound cakes a lil lighter than its traditionally denser variant originating from Brittany. Our chefs created them in various shapes and flavours, such as lemon basil, coffee mascarpone, matcha chocolate marble loaf and the classic vanilla and chocolate loaf. 

Sablé Sands – Sablé in French stands for “sandy’ to represent the texture of the perennial French cookie. Ours is called Sablé Sand because we have flavoured ganaches such as dark chocolate mint and hazelnut mocha sandwiched between two sablés for added texture and flavour.  

Chunky Cookies – These thick and chewy cookies are made by pairing french techniques and modern flavours. Bursting with taste and texture, they are available in flavours like Black Pink S’Mores, Butterscotch Pecan, Matcha Walnut, and Dark Chocolate Macadamia.

Brownie Squares – We made our brownies velvety-rich in chocolate, and yet balanced in taste. Try the gluten-free Dark Chocolate Sea Salt or go for the Nutty Dark Chocolate with almond praline and walnuts.  

We seek your understanding that the assortment varies time to time due to seasonality and availability of the pastries.

Best consumed within the day or within 3 days if stored chilled. 

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