Single Origin Sencha – 001 Harumoegi


This sweet sencha hails from Kagoshima, and is named 001 because it was the catalyst for the founding of Senchado Tokyo, after the founders were convinced of the marvelous traits of single origin sencha. Harumoegi brings subtle umami notes of grains and the sweetness of japanese chestnuts and corn.

We sourced these single origin sencha from Senchado Tokyo after multiple visits to their experential Tokyo Saryo and flagship store in Ginza back in those days when we could freely travel for leisure. The single farm and single variety of sencha from all over Japan offers different tasting notes of sweetness, bitterness and the umami flavour of sencha, often lost when not brewed properly. Their philosophy is to re-examine sencha through marrying traditional “tea ceremony” and modern convenience by creating a tea culture that we can enjoy casually and yet enrich our knowledge.

30g of loose tea leaves. Approx 4g per 120ml, 3 brews.

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