Macarons Box of 15 (Assorted)


A visual feast inspired by nature’s colours.

Our macarons are artisanally hand crafted by our pastry chefs with the finest ingredients, each bound to bring you not only a visual feast, but also a harmony of flavours in every bite. Inspired by nature’s colours, these gems are crafted in unique flavours to tantalize your senses. 

This box of fifteen consists an assortment of the following flavours:-

Life’s Lemon – We used fresh lemons and yogurt in the ganache of this subtly tangy macaron, with sunshine coloured shells dusted with silver leaf. There’s always a silver lining in life’s lemon. 

Grey Skies – Chill with this macaron made with earl grey infused milk chocolate ganache, and never let grey skies spoil your mood. 

Rose Berry – This rose petal lined pink and white macaron is filled with raspberry infused chocolate, bringing you the best of both worlds in the pink of health. 

Lavender Fields – Lavender is known to represent purity and serenity. We pair it with caramel to sweeten the floral notes of the ganache, encased in a pair of luxe violet and peach macaron shell. 

Pistachio Party – Pure pistachio ganache between macaron shells in the khaki shades of pure pistachios, lined with roasted pistachio bits. Definitely a party. 

Sangria Sunset — This red & peachy sunset hued macaron has passionfruit and mango in its ganache, reminiscent of your last sunset on a beautiful beach.

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