Ice Cream Shortbread Tasting Set


The marriage between our artisanal ice cream and our buttery chocolate shortbread, packed individually to be enjoyed anywhere and whenever!

Box Set of 4 Assorted Ice Cream Shortbread. Each shortbread weighs approx 125g. 

Darkest Chocolate Nib – We use the finest 88% single estate dark chocolate couvertures from cacao grown near Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela to get this almost black and intense flavour, and swirled in single origin pahang cacao nibs for our darkest chocolate, packed with flavour and texture.

Roasted Pistachio – Throwing caution to the wind and sensibility in cost of goods out of the roof, we are determined to only offer the best of all pistachio ice cream, made with 100% sicilian pistachio paste and swirled with roasted pistachio bits. We invite rivalry, and do not wish to eat a watered down pistachio ice cream ever.

Banoffee Pecan Pie – London has always been one of our favourite cities, because of memories shared with loving friends and classmates. The traditional british favourite dessert helps to sweeten the grey weather, and keeps us feeling all warm and cozy. Best paired with rainy weather. 

Chocolate Cookies & Dough – We mix all our childhood favourites in here. Milk chocolate, baked cookies and the dough that we stole from the table before mum bakes them. Golden! 

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