Ice Cream Pint Set

From: $55.08

A story in every lick.

Our ice cream flavours are inspired by our own stories of wanderlust, artisanally crafted and formulated with the finest ingredients, for a balanced and clean taste and texture.

The happy inspiration for our unique ice cream flavours stems from stories from an almost forgotten time; from places that we’ve been, cuisine that we have enjoyed, moments that we shared with loved ones, and simply our longing for new experiences to tantalize your taste buds. 

We made some of them with premium ingredients which naysayers may mock the usage in ice cream, but we believe that you can taste the difference, and there’s no need to scrimp on something we are enjoying in a happy moment. 

We also made several vegan and yet exciting flavours, because the most interesting people we know are vegan.

It’s not just rethinking ice cream, but putting our new thoughts and inspirations to life in these flavours.


This pint set consist of 3 pints of your selection.

Each pint weighs approximately 330g. Premium flavour charges apply during selection.


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