Objects Of Amuse 

Our products are emblems of our happy inspiration, and a canvas for our thoughts, dreams and creativity. We hope you can travel with us in our dessert wanderlust, and get your own happy inspiration from these objects too! 



These are parfaits fit for a queen. Our inspirations came from Queen Catherine de’ Medici. It happened that the origins of the choux and the macaron used in the parfaits is traced back to one of the chefs in her travelling entourage when she left Italy to marry Henry II in France. Although these pastries are pretty commonplace now, we wish to serve them like they are in the courts of yesteryear – with the best ingredients, served in the fanciest of vessels and with much fanfare. These parfaits are served in the hundred dollar Raawii’s Strøm bowl designed by Nicholai Wiig-Hansen.

Each parfait comes with 2 scoops of our artisanal ice cream of your choice, topped with the freshest pastries. Choose between Midsummer Macarons or Catherine’s Choux. 


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Where tradition meets modern innovation; and life breathed into classics.

Our pastries selection takes cues from our favourite pastries from around the world, be it the refined French pastries, decadent American pastries or the delicate Japanese wagashi. Each of them is artisanally hand crafted by our pastry chefs with the finest ingredients, combining traditional patisserie methods, modern techniques and innovation, to breathe life into these classics. Look out for seasonal pastries in addition to our core range.

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A visual feast inspired by nature’s colours.

Our macarons are artisanally hand crafted by our pastry chefs with the finest ingredients, each bound to bring you not only a visual feast, but also a harmony of flavours in every bite. Inspired by nature’s colours, these gems are crafted in 8 unique flavours to tantalize your senses.

Also available in a box of 6.

Life’s LemonWe used fresh lemons and yogurt in the ganache of this subtly tangy macaron, with sunshine coloured shells dusted with silver leaf. There’s always a silver lining in life’s lemon. 

Grey Skies – Chill with this macaron made with earl grey infused milk chocolate ganache, and never let grey skies spoil your mood.

Sangria Sunset – This red & peachy sunset hued macaron has passionfruit and mango in its ganache, reminiscent of your last sunset on a beautiful beach. 

Rose Berry – This rose petal lined pink and white macaron is filled with raspberry infused chocolate, bringing you the best of both worlds in the pink of health. 

Lavender Fields – Lavender is known to represent purity and serenity. We pair it with caramel to sweeten the floral notes of the ganache, encased in a pair of luxe violet and peach macaron shell. 

Pistachio Party – Pure pistachio ganache between macaron shells in the khaki shades of pure pistachios, lined with roasted pistachio bits. Definitely a party. 

Hazy Hazelnut – It’s definitely a good haze with this chocolate dusted macaron filled with dark chocolate hazelnut ganache and a hazelnut crunch centre.

Dark Knight – Be the knight that embraces the darkness that falls as there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. This pitch dark macaron is filled with 85% Valrhona Dark Chocolate ganache and dusted with gold leaf. 


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