A Space for Musings 

amuse dessert

We chose to have our first address in a beautiful shophouse in the Tanjong Pagar Conservation Area. Duxton Road was originally part of a nutmeg plantation and had its infamous heyday back in the 19th century and early 20th century with many opium and gambling dens, as well as local clan tussles between the migrant chinese rickshaw pullers.

The architecture and stories of the yesteryears add to the charm of the place, and with all the conservation efforts and modern towering buildings around it, we feel transported to a different time and place when we set foot in the area. We engaged the help of our friends from ASOLIDPLAN to design our playground, based on a simple brief of having a luxe but yet wabi sabi space to evoke thought, creativity and inspiration for our visitors.

We also put in quite a bit more effort in choosing every single material, lighting, colours and decorative elements, as we believe the smallest details matter in the long run, and that originality and design is something we always want to invest in. We hope you will enjoy the space we have put together for you, as the backdrop to enjoying our products and your experience with Amuse Dessert Co.

Try taking a walk at the back alley and you will notice how the staircase behind our unit at the back leads up to the cobblestone pavement on Duxton hill, and to this magnificent tree that’s towering over and looking across the entire Duxton Plain. Perfect for a few deep breaths of nature (or that selfie). 


amuse dessert

A word from our Interior Designers ASOLIDPLAN:

Just Another Round.

A cheeky way of saying, ”There’s always room for dessert” – by acknowledging this commonly used phrase, we incorporated the understanding that dessert is an endless and infinite cycle of happiness to many into our design concept.  

With the concept idea, the overall plan was strategically designed around a single degenerate point from 2 imaginary circles to recreate a form similar to the infinity symbol (∞) – aimed to influence a deliberate movement flow of people in and out of the space. It is visually made clear by demarcating the infinity-inspired walkway from the others with contrasting floor finishing.

While Amuse Dessert Co. identifies itself for its fun illustrations, bold colors, and sweets galore, the interior celebrates the desserts and their striking packaging designs. To do so, we followed a neutral palette that contrasted the brand identity – making it a perfect backdrop for the Instagram-able feeds. Additionally, hints of striking branding colors are placed in different pockets around the store, adding a whimsical touch tothe overall design.